Monday, November 5, 2007


''Australian design and art collective RINZEN is best known for the collaborative approach of its five members, forming in 2000 as a result of their visual and audio remix project, RMX.

RINZEN's work, created both individually and as a collective, covers a wide-range of styles and techniques, often featuring utopian alternate realities, bold, geometric designs or intricate, hand drawn studies.

The group's posters and album covers have been exhibited at the Louvre and their large scale artwork installed in Tokyo's Zero Gate and Copenhagen's Hotel Fox. They recently designed the inaugural issue of Paul Pope's Batman for DC Comics and graphics for a bicycle released by Japanese company, Bebike.

Members of the group are variously based in Berlin, Brisbane, Melbourne and New York.''

Rinzen is:
Steve Alexander (Berlin)
Rilla Alexander (Berlin)
Adrian Clifford (Brisbane)
Karl Maier (Melbourne)
Craig Redman (New York


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